A Heroic French Dog Sacrificed Himself To Save Lives In Paris

There are a lot of stories coming out of Paris right now. Some good, some bad. Some hugely important, some trivial. But this particular story is striking a chord around the world, with pet owners and especially with service dogs and their handlers. It’s the story of Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian shepherd serving on the French police force, who was the first to enter an apartment building where the mastermind behind the attacks, as well as several other terrorists, were hiding.

Thanks to Diesel’s selfless act, many lives were saved that day.


Unfortunately, Diesel succumbed to his injuries, but countless police officers and several more police dogs were spared.


Now, Diesel is being recognized as a hero around the world, with the hashtag#JeSuisUnChien, or “I am a dog.”


Sweet tributes have been pouring in, especially from fellow Belgian shepherds and their owners.


Diesel, who was already well-decorated for his service, is sure to get a hero’s memorial when the dust settles.