Beam Of Light Shines On Fallen Soldier’s Dog

When we die, we leave behind reminders of our lives here on Earth. Whether it’s a huge legacy, with libraries erected in your honor, or small contributions, like a treehouse you built for your children, parts of us will remain here after we’ve passed away. For Army Specialist Justin Rollins, that thing was a puppy named “Hero.”

The little dog was photographed with Justin on the night before he was killed in Iraq. After seeing how much joy this animal brought their son, Mr. and Mrs. Rollins asked for the Army’s help in tracking down Justin’s furry friend. Hero now lives with the Rollins in New Hampshire, reminding them of their son’s life every day. If the story of Justin and Hero ended there, it would be plenty satisfying, but we haven’t even gotten to the best part.

While ABC was interviewing Justin’s parents about their son, a camerawoman captured footage of a beam of light striking Hero at just the right angle. When she reviewed the footage, it appeared as though a light from heaven was illuminating Justin’s puppy.

The Internet has agreed with this observation, calling it “a sign from Justin,” as well as evidence that he is “watching over his entire family, including his puppy.” Other people, however, have chalked this up to a nice piece of footage and nothing more. But, as ABC is quick to point out, it doesn’t really matter what we think, as long as this image brings Justin’s parents some comfort in their time of grief.