Sausage Dog Shows Off Newborn Sausages

Brace yourselves, because you probably aren’t ready for how cute this is about to get. Newborn photo shoots are common enough, but few are as adorable as this one. Behold this proud mama and her six newborn sausages! You might have seen the viral images of Lilica, whose doggy maternity photo shoot nearly brought down the internet. Now, possibly inspired by Lilica’s fame, we have a whole new set of amazing motherly photos to share.

Though they would have been cute enough on their own, this pack of hotdogs comes complete with handmade knit stocking caps and bedding. This could only have been improved if they had knit little buns to put them in. It’s probably for the best that they didn’t, as I can barely handle this as it is!


Lilica is so proud of her puppies.


Look how cute the puppies are in their tiny hats.




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