33 Cutest Mixed Breed Dogs You Won’t Believe Are Real

Dogs make the world a more adorable, goofy, and lovable place to live. But their incredible cuteness only makes it all the more difficult when you decide to bring one into your home. All of their sweet, fluffy faces make it so difficult to choose one breed.

The solution: don’t simply pick one breed when you can mix them together for a double dose of adorable. Mixed breeds are generally healthier and even their names are more delightful! These mutts will make you say aww.

1. Cockapoo

This is a popular companion dog also known as the Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo, Spoodle, Cockerdoodle and Cock-a-Poo. It is a mix of the Cocker Spaniel either English or American, with the Poodle.

A Cockapoo puppy peering over a wall

Cockapoos have become popular because they generally combine the outgoing, loving personality of the Cocker spaniel with the low-shedding, low-dander qualities of the Poodle.

Cockapoos can be one solid color or can have complex markings. They can be white with patches of any color.


Completely people-oriented, the Cockapoo is intelligent enough to train easily, hardly sheds, forgives quickly, and is so affectionate that you’ll never feel alone.