These Baby Ducklings Were Orphaned At Just 4 Weeks Old. But Wait Until You See Their New Family

Circumstances in life can often bring the strangest of people (or animals) together. Some bonds are rooted in a shared interest or mutual goal, but some of the strongest attachments in life stem from experiences that are shared together. These experiences can be either joyful or traumatic, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we feel closer to those who come from similar walks of life.

Calley Gibson-Stoll is no stranger to opening up her home and heart to animals that are down on their luck. An active and contributing member of her community, Calley has made it a point to take in animals that are desperately in need of love. Strangely enough, this has resulted in the adoption of a pair of rescued dogs and two orphaned ducklings. One would think that the two different species would never get along, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In a post to Bored Panda, Calley discussed how all of the dogs in her home are rescued. Pikelet (seen on the bottom left) was rescued from being put down when he was just five weeks old.


Pikelet immediately took to his new family and was welcoming to any foster animals that Calley was taking care of while they waited for a forever home.


Pikelet has a knack for making foster pups feel at ease and teaching them that life does get better.


Later, a puppy named Patty Cakes (seen below) permanently joined Calley’s family. She describes him as “an old soul” in the body of a “squishy, perfectly adorable” puppy.


In March of this year, Calley was presented with the opportunity to foster two ducklings, Penguin and Popinjay.


Wollongong Animal Rescue Network rescued the two ducklings after they had become orphans and would have perished if they didn’t receive some assistance.


Calley gladly accepted the chance to care for the siblings until a proper adoptive home can be found for them.


The two are about four weeks old right now, and both Patty Cakes and Pikelet have made it their mission to help with their upbringing.


It took a bit of getting used to at first, but the two dogs have since grown to be very protective of the baby ducks.


And who wouldn’t love to have fun foster parents like these?


But even the best of parents need some down time …


Penguin and Popinjay are currently up for adoption as a pair. With a bit of luck, they will be able to find a forever home soon.


“They eat, sleep and play together. We often visit a local park where both the pups & ducks can run and play, and we even visit the small harbor dog beach where everyone can enjoy a swim together on really hot days,” said Calley in her post.


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