Things You Are Doing That Annoy Dogs

Dogs are wonderful companions but we often do things that annoy them without even realizing it. Some of these things can become problematic and make it difficult to train a dog or to build a good relationship with a pet.

As a dog owner, you need to know about the things that might annoy, worry or even cause your dog to be annoyed – just like your pet sometimes does things that get on your nerves without realizing it!


1. Staring At Your Dog

For dogs, staring is often perceived as a challenge. You have probably noticed how your dog stared at squirrels or birds. Staring at your dog for too long could be seen as a challenge or a threat. Your own dog will probably not perceive it in a negative way but staring in the eyes of a dog who is aggressive or worried is definitely not a good idea. You can get your dog used to eye contact by asking other people to stare at your dog for a few seconds before looking away.