This Little Toddler Is Incredibly Cute, But Wait Until You See Who His “Protector” Is. Adorable

The Young family doesn’t have what most consider to be a normal household. Home to 11 ducks, this family is more accustomed to sweeping up feathers than vacuuming up hair. However, when you also throw a curious toddler into the mix, you know you are going to get some very adorable moments on film.

When he was around 9 months old, Tyler developed a special relationship with one of the little ducklings named Beaker. Beaker was rescued by Tyler’s father after he discovered him alone in the park when he was out buying duck food. Since they first met, Tyler and Beaker have been inseparable.

“When Tyler was 9 months old my husband … brought him home and from that day he hasn’t left Tyler’s side,” said Tyler’s mother, Jennifer. The two have become so entwined that Tyler’s first word was “duck.” They bonded with each other when they were both very young, so in some ways they actually see each other as siblings.

The two do absolutely everything together. It’s really heartwarming how inseparable the two have become. It almost makes you want to have a little duck of your very own.


Even though Tyler has a rubber ducky for his bath, Beaker still loves to accompany Tyler.


Who wouldn’t want a best friend that could fly?


“Bee (Beaker) is extremely protective of my son. If he cries, Bee quacks and runs to him,” explained Jennifer. “It’s no different than a dog, really. Bee sleeps inside and wears a diaper during the day.”


Though they don’t seem nearly as cuddly as traditional dogs or pets, ducks are actually quite lovable and intelligent. They are very social animals and can even be taught tricks. Many of them are slow to warm up to, but given enough time they become comfortable enough to play with toys, give kisses, and even cuddle with.


Especially in rural areas, it isn’t as uncommon as you think to keep ducks as pets. Like with all pets, what matters most is the joy and love you bring into each other’s lives.


Just like any conventional duo of child and animal, Tyler and Beaker occasionally find a way of getting into trouble. What a mess.


It’s snack time for Tyler and he doesn’t look like he’s in to share some of that chocolate chip cookie. Poor Beaker, never catching a break.


Spending an afternoon together at the playground. I’m sure Beaker has to be popular among the other children. I can just picture it now.


Though Beaker is quickly growing up, he still has a little tuft of fuzz from when he was little duckling. He looks so cute here smiling for the camera.


Enjoying some playtime on the driveway.


Time to let the duck in.


Having a fun little stroll.