This Toucan Is A Lap Dog At Heart

We’ve all felt like we didn’t fit in at least once in our lives. Now, I’m not talking about not fitting in with the people around you, but rather not fitting in your own skin. There are times in life when it feels like the world is telling us to do or be or say one thing, but our heart is telling us to go in the exact opposite direction. Take, for example, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Everyone she knows tells her to stay under the sea, but all she can dream about it walking among the humans. Maybe it’s the same way for you. You come from a long line of doctors or lawyers or ball players, but your life seems to be pulling you on a different path. This is exactly how Ripley the Toucan feels.

Born a toucan, Ripley seems more comfortable snuggling on her owner’s lap than soaring high above the tree tops. Of course, she probably enjoys doing both, but we happen to be catching Ripley at a moment when she seems more like a lap dog than a toucan. In fact, toco toucans like Ripley aren’t very good flyers, and tend to navigate the forest by hopping from tree to tree. They are also the largest and most common of the toucans.

While we don’t necessarily advocate for keeping exotic birds like Ripley as pets, it is believed that they can be perfectly happy, provided they have enough time out of their cage to play, fly around and interact with their human. So, the next time you feel like you don’t fit in, remember that it’s okay to act like a dog, even if you’re a toucan.