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What Our Customers Say

Our 11-pound Chihuahua, Lucy, absolutely loves this bed! It took her a few minutes to get used to this new thing in her life, after we first introduced her to it, and now she practically lives in it! 

Lucy Petersen

As soon as I opened it up, she thought it was a giant toy, but then immediately came in and slumped, falling asleep before we had time to give her dinner. She hasnt tried to eat it yet, so thats nice. Pretty perfect. I'm sure she would leave this review if she could.

Martha Mendoza

Pup went right in and curled up. He is about 55lbs. It's a very soft and attractive bed.  He has a couple beds to lay on through out my house and this is the bed he always chooses. It's very soft and cozy.

Bryan Schultz