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Electric Flea & Tick Comb Perfect for Dogs & Cats, Kills & Stuns Fleas

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Stop fleas from biting your fur babies. 

Flea bites are painful for your pet and can cause scratching and biting. Even worse, your pet can develop a flea allergy dermatitis, causing discomfort.

Other flea treatments, like flea baths and topical applications, may work, but are you really sure?

Electronic Flea Comb is the electronic flea comb for your cat or dog that stuns and kills fleas and removes them from your pet.

Unlike those other treatments where dead fleas fall from your pet, Electronic Flea Comb removes fleas and disposes them into the trash without you having to touch them.

And since it stuns and kills with an electric charge, there's no chemicals, no pesticides, and no toxins.

You and your fur babies will enjoy this amazing flea and tick removal comb that is 100% safe, effective, chemical-free, and efficient.

It uses patented electronic technology that is guaranteed to kills ticks and fleas on contact!

This awesome comb digs deeply into your pet's fur and removes pesky fleas and ticks that are burrowed down at the skin level. The process is painless and your pet never feels a thing.

Simply brush through your pets fur with the comb and a slight electric charge is released and kills the insects IMMEDIATELY.

The comb gathers the dead bugs so you won't have any messes to clean up. Simply press the eject button and you can discard them hands-free.

  • Perfect for Dogs AND Cats This comb effectively kills and removes fleas from cats and dogs of nearly all breeds, ages, and coat lengths.
  • Effectively Stops Flea Infestations Just two fleas can quickly reproduce and take over your home! It eliminates fleas and their eggs at the source to end and prevent future infestations.
  • Keep Your Pet Safe, Happy, and Healthy Fleas, itching, and biting can cause your pet discomfort and pain. It gets rid of fleas with easy grooming, keeping your pet safe, healthy, and happy! 


  • 100% SAFE - Our comb never emits toxic chemicals onto your pet or around your family. This device is painless, safe, and effective.
  • NO MESS DESIGN - This comb prevents you from having to apply greasy creams and serums to your dog's coat. The dead insects can be emptied directly into the trash without you having to touch them.
  • KILLS BUGS ON CONTACT - Fleas and ticks do not stand a chance against this comb!


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